About The Author

It takes a village to raise a Grandmother!

Lorraine (Boots) Parker has held many titles throughout her 91 years. Married young, she has three daughters, seven grandchildren, and at last count, 15 great-grandchildren.

Boots worked in a meat department for many years and after sewing all her daughters’ clothes as they were growing up, she started her own custom-made drapery business. Eventually, she wrote a series of five Draperies, Etc. books with step-by-step instructions on how to make draperies, traveled the country hosting drapery workshops, and published a portfolio of the books.

She has been writing A Dividing Stream in her head for years. It is loosely based on family history but she has “spiced it up a bit.” The characters evolved over many sleepless nights. Many of the details were stories she heard growing up that have been passed down for generations. Boots has woven fact and fiction together to create A Dividing Stream, and she is so happy to share it with you.